Your Typical Shonen Protagonist

Your Typical Shonen Protagonist explores the stories and production of various anime series as our intrepid hosts, Kai and Kells, attempt to make use of a digital media degree in an endeavor they actually enjoy.

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An well represented, but incomplete list of bad dads.   Twitter:  
June 20, 2022
Space Dandy meets F-Zero in this loony 2009 Madhouse feature film.   Twitter:  
June 13, 2022   Twitter:  
May 23, 2022   Twitter:  
May 16, 2022
Bringing in the team to make the little mermaid in a post apocalypse.   Twitter:  
May 9, 2022
It's not as good as the Usher album, it's kinda just more Digimon.   Twitter:  
April 25, 2022
Star Trek with Japanese high schoolers. Plot twists abound!!!   Twitter:  
April 18, 2022
We round out Mecha March with Eureka Seven, a coming of age story about a boy, an alien, and their giant robot.   Twitter:  
April 4, 2022
While Kells is putting in the grand effort to watch a 50 episode anime, here's a mech episode from the CONTENTBREAKER podcast about political drama and giant robots.   Twitter: https://...
March 24, 2022
Hideaki Anno's directorial debut with sad girl protagonists getting in the damn robot!   Twitter:  
March 19, 2022

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